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"The transaction ran smoothly, everyone was so kind and professional. Russell and Michael did a fantastic job. I would recommend them. Thank you for all of your help."

Rochelle C.

"Amazing services. They are the best of all. I highly recommend this company and I am personally so satisfied by their outstanding professionalism and courtesy."

Frank F.

"My first reaction when Start Fresh called was that it had to be a scam. But I decided to take a leap of faith and go to their office. I was pleasantly surprised by how professional they were. They explained all the steps they would take and kept in constant communication during the entire process. I would highly recommend Start Fresh!"

Jessica H.

"When I got sick, I lost my job and couldn’t pay my mortgage anymore. I didn’t know where to turn. Start Fresh worked with the bank to forgive my debt and even got me an incentive. They found a new apartment for me and even helped me move. That never would have been possible without them. Thank you Start Fresh!"

Lee S.

"For years, I had nonpaying tenants in my building. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get them out. I fell behind on my mortgage payments and of course the bank started going after me. Start Fresh was able to clean up my property so that the bank would forgive my debt. They are professional and impressive. I would recommend them to anyone who is in a similar position."

Emily J.

"When my father passed away he didn’t leave a will. This caused an issue with my siblings and I. No one was paying the mortgage and the bank was going to take the house away. That was when Start Fresh contacted me. They were able to negotiate with the bank and helped to settle things between my brothers and I. Definitely work with Start Fresh if you have any sort of Foreclosure trouble. They really know their stuff."

Alberto H.
Foreclosure Resolved

“Start Fresh helped me out of what was the worst situation of my life. I felt helpless until I met with them. As soon as I came in I saw that they had the resources and experience to help me out. Not only did they negotiate with the bank to forgive my debt, they also helped me move into a brand new apartment. I am now proudly debt free! I definitely recommend working with Start Fresh.”

Mark R.

"My entire experience with Arbie was amazing! They were very upfront about what they could and couldn’t do. The whole team was experienced and gave me constant updates. Please use this company if you are in a bad situation. They really helped!"

Amanda W.
Foreclosure Resolved

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Amanda W.
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