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Selling your house can be easy with Arbie Real Estate Solutions. We’ve been purchasing homes in New York City and Long Island for the last 15 years.  When you sell to Arbie, you won’t have to worry about any listings, showings, or hassles. We’re ready to serve you and give you the best experience based on your specific needs and timeline. The process starts by filling out the form to get a FAIR cash offer on your property.

With decades of experience helping families in the Greater New York Area, we've built a team of specialists dedicated to resolving real estate issues. We present you with a fair, written offer and guide you through the entire process — including helping you find a new home after we purchase your property.

No matter the issue, we can help: foreclosure, inheritance, bankruptcy, divorce, tenants, damages, downsizing, liens, money troubles, code violations, and more. Schedule a free consultation with our team & we'll provide you with an obligation-free offer.

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Selling to us ensures that you can secure a deal quickly, without the issues of wishy-washy buyers who could change their terms or end up unable to pay for the home.


Even with the best planning, the unexpected happens. If a timeline, or goal on your end has changed, through a dedication to communicate, we can adjust, stress free.


Selling through traditional listings means that everyone will know your home is for sale. Working with us allows you to sell your home quickly and discreetly.

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